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We will be more than happy to walk your dog

Walking Times are All Day plus Our 24hr Call Out & Pet Taxi Services



Group Walks

Group walking of dogs 6 or less at a time, number depends on dogs and walkers available. We will walk your dog for pre-arranged time, feed, water, and administer medications as necessary.



In-Home Consultations

Got a new puppy? Just rescued a dog? We will visit your home and walk you through all the basics and some not-so basics. We will answer all of your questions and give you the tools you need to make your dog's life, and yours! a happy and healthy one.



Behavioural Issues

Any behaviour issues you need help with? We will visit your home and work with you and your dog to understand the root of the issue and explore possible ways to solve the problem.



"The Walk-A-Dog team are by far the most professional, personable and genuine people I have ever had the fortune to meet."

Veterinarian Visits

We will pick-up your dog and take him/her to the vet for shots, check-ups and other appointments.



Grooming Visits

We will take your dog to Animal Magic to be groomed, or to your preferred Dog Groomer.


Park Trips

We can tailor a park trip for your dog's specific needs. Long trips for energetic dogs, short ones for couch potatoes.



Cat Sitting

Feeding, watering, brushing, playing & cleaning of their litter box.



Photo & Videos

From time to time our social networks like Facebook and Twitter will be updated after we come back from the walks, if you are part of these networks you will see comments on the walks and photos as well of your dogs enjoying the time out running around.


Also (with your permission) we will from time to time upload funny things to our YouTube Channel so you can come back from the stressed day at work and unwind while watching your dogs antics.



Please Contact us for more information regarding our Services.

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